11 Ways To Make 100% Free Passive Income With Crypto In 2022

11 Ways To Make 100% Free Passive Income With Crypto In 2022

Following these free methods is the equivalent of getting a raise from your job. A raise that pays you 24/7!

All of these methods are free and I am currently doing all of them.

Disclosure: I only recommend resources and products that I use or would use. Some of the articles on this website do contain affiliate/referral links, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I may get a small kickback at no extra cost to you. This helps me to keep the blog running (:
I'm also not a financial advisor. The posts are my thoughts and opinions only. The contents you find on this website and on my social are entertainment and education only. Please invest at your own risk.
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1. Honeygain - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Fast Setup!
  • Mobile or Desktop (though Desktop offers Content Delivery)
  • Limited 50% bonus to all rewards if using JumpTask Wallet.
  • JumpTask allows claiming your earnings whenever you want!
  • 5000 $HG credits just for signing up.
  • No risk - Guaranteed to earn money.

Things To Know:
You're selling unused bandwidth, I only have a 600MB WiFi plan and have never had issues of interruption. JumpTask payouts are swift and very cheap being on the Binance Blockchain. I average about $20/ month with 1 computer running the app. Or I should say this app gave me a .15 cent raise. That's an extra $240/ year!

Official Link To HoneyGain Website
Honeygain - Make Money From Home
Got GB left in the end of the month? Take full advantage of you internet plan and make money from home by sharing your unused net.

2. MineDollars - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Ability to buy mining hashrate with cloud mining.
  • They offer a free $10 to start with!
  • Super easy to get started
  • Great web-page navigation.
Official Link To MineDollars Website

3. Peer2Profit - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Fast Setup!
  • On mobile or Desktop (Desktop offers the highest earnings).
  • The minimum payout is only $2.
  • Huge amount of different ways to get paid from crypto to gift cards.
  • Strong support team.
  • Connect several devices to 1 network.
  • No risk - Guaranteed to earn money.

Things To Know:
Selling unused bandwidth. Does not conflict with other similar apps. Doesn't slow down your internet.

Official Link To Peer2Profit Website
Share your internet and earn money!
A unique system of monetizing Internet traffic that will provide you with passive income. Join Peer2Profit and use your internet 100%.

4. ipRoyal - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Fast Setup!
  • The minimum payment is $5.
  • Strong support team.
  • ios and Android supported apps.
  • No risk - Guaranteed to earn money.

Things To Know:
You're selling your unused bandwidth and acting as a proxy. Does not conflict with similar services.

Direct Link To ipRoyal Website

5. Sweatcoin - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Fast Setup!
  • Runs on ios or Android.
  • Buy deals, products, and digital offers
  • Bid in high-value auctions (PlayStation 5, GoPro Hero 9)
  • Donate to charities like Save the Children.
  • No risk - Guaranteed to earn.

What To Know:
The coin isn't a Crypto yet—talk of release on Solana blockchain. Good time to earn before it's released on exchanges. Runs in the background with no noticeable power drain. 

Official Link To Sweatcoin Website
Sweatcoin: Healthier planet. Healthier, wealthier you
Join our 50M+ users to become part of the movement economy. Sweatcoin app converts your steps into sweatcoins — virtual currency that you can spend on products and services. It Pays to Walk.

6. SocialGood - Expand To Learn More ->

  • $30 sign-up bonus.
  • Many incentives to earn even more.
  • Good support team.
  • No risk - guaranteed to earn money.
  • Can run on ios, Android, and desktop.
  • 15% APY for holding the crypto in the app.

Things To Know:
*Purchases to meet thresholds don't include tax or shipping - if an incentive is offered for spending $30, the items or services must be above $30, you can't include tax and shipping.

With this app, you get paid crypto just for doing your normal shopping. You just have to do the shopping thru their app, acting as a portal. To mitigate any risks only buy things you need, already plan on buying or an item that's an asset. For me, I bought a bunch of iPhones, used them to run these many crypto apps, and flipped them to break even. While pocketing the gains thru the app when they had a 100% reimbursement incentive.

Official Link To SocialGood Website
My personal portfolio within a week of using the app.

7. Nodle - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Fast Setup.
  • Super low battery usage.
  • Runs on ios or Android (can run on M1 chip Macbooks).
  • No risk - Guaranteed to earn money.
  • The coin isn't yet available to buy on exchanges.
  • Contest to win $200Nodl

What To Know:
I'm very bullish on this crypto technology. It just recently got it's spot on the para-chain for the Polkadot ecosystem. This is a brilliant time to fill your bag with the coin for when it's released to trade.

Official Link To Nodle Website
Earn cryptocurrency while securely connecting devices around you.

8. PiNetwork - Expand To Learn More ->

  • ASIC, Bot, and Farm proof algorithm = an even mining field.
  • Mining has the same ware down of your device or battery as would any other app that runs in the background.
  • No risk - can't guarantee coins will ever be listed anywhere. 

Things To Know:
I truly believe this project will fulfill its' goals. There's too much work in the project for it to do otherwise. It's unique with it's authentication of existence. 

Official Link To PiNetwork Website
Pi Network
Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network.

9. COIN - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Several ways to earn thru the app.
  • The most profitable method is to do the surveys.
  • Easy to set up as well as user-friendly.
  • Several payout methods.
  • No risk - guaranteed to earn money.
  • Good support team.

Things To Know:
There are many ways to earn, from walking, driving, visiting places, mining, etc.

Official Link To COIN Website
Get Paid to Explore the World!

10. TimeStope - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Easy to set-up and user friendly.
  • Several ways to earn.
  • Offers the purchasing of metaverse land. 
  • No risk - no guarantee of coins having value.

Things To Know:
The coin isn't listed yet, the whitepaper found on the website has a road-map of Q4 2022. 

Official Link To TimeStope Website
Don’t Stop Your Time | Just Stope Your Time!

11. GEOdb - Expand To Learn More ->

  • 2 apps, 1 earns crypto passively.
  • Easy to use
  • ios and Android apps.
  • No risk - Guaranteed to earn.
  • Use my referral code: WORKERA71_VUACY3 to get some free GEOs.

Things To Know:
This coin is listed on exchanges and available for trading. Running on the Binance blockchain. The passive earning method is with the GeoCash app where you're paid for moving around.

Official Link To GEOdb Website
GeoCash is a data collector app that allows any user around the world to share their private and anonymous data with GeoDB’s Data Sharing Ecosystem while being rewarded with GEO tokens on a daily basis.

12. Mysterium - Expand To Learn More ->

  • Requires a desktop to run a node.
  • Setup can sometimes be difficult.
  • Requires a few cents to run a node, you can get someone on reddit to help send you the tokens to get started.
  • Slight risk using your ip as a VPN - guaranteed to earn money.

Things To Know:
You're not limited to the amount of devices you can connect through a network. There's even places to stake the MYST token. Runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Official Link To Mysterium Website
Open Web Protocol - Mysterium Network
An open-source ecosystem of protocols, tools and infrastructure to liberate the web. Our node network empowers both builders and users to access free information.

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