Finding High Potential In Alt-Coins During 2022

Finding High Potential In Alt-Coins During 2022

Today we're taking a look at the KuCoin exchange. Specifically, the coins that are deemed Special Treatment; and are marked as [ST] next to the ticker. This can be due to a list of reasons from low liquidity, errors in the project, or even the project requesting to be delisted. Click to learn more about the Special Treatment coins.

For the past year, I've been watching coins on my list pop up with the symbol [ST]. And so far I've seen the same scenario play out each time. Let's look at some examples.

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Xensor [XSR]

Official Link To Xensor on CoinMarketcap

The Consistent Setting:

Xensor was marked with the [ST] symbol on 5/11/21. Since that time we've seen 8 different days where the price has seen a minimum of 2x and several instances seeing a 4x to 6x. As well as several smaller pumps in between. Most of which occur exactly within 1 month. As you can see there's massive accumulation going on in this discounted time. I was also very generous when measuring the price of pumps, not going by that of their bottom but of a price available to buy for several days.

The Strategy:

Hitting the top with this coin was always very easy, even before the sell-off on 5/11/21 you could easily get 2x returns every other day by setting a sell limit order on your predicted price. So now we know that these [ST] coins offer high returns. The plan is to simply look at all USD pairings available on KuCoin, filter by lowest volume first, and check daily for a coin that gets marked. Add that coin to a list, and research the coin to see if it will actually get delisted or not. Or if the coin has potential, use case, or something to keep it alive. Be sure that whenever you get into a position you immediately set a limit order to sell if it hits your desired price. Don't get cocky, if a 2x is possible take it, don't shoot for more if you can't sit and watch the price action.

Some Things To Note About XSR -

  • 4.6b of its 5b max supply is already available.
  • With a market cap of only $700k (fully diluted $750k), this can be a very risky project with little liquidity, which ultimately means high volatility.
  • The coin is listed on only the KuCoin and OKX exchange.
  • As we are officially in the bear market, we've hit a bottom of .00008 as of May.
  • The low liquidity, as well as trading volume, can potentially cause the coin to be flagged with [ST] yet again.

Dapp Token [DAPPT]

Official Link To Dapp Token on CoinGecko

[DAPPT] was marked with [ST] on 4/24/22. Where it only lasted less than 2 weeks before more accumulation. I have the date marked on the graph above with my cursor for reference. The pump lasted several days and each top was a 2x. With the heavy bear market settling in, and Bitcoin hitting 17500 this week, we are now back to an old support line indicated above. If you look right above you can see where we held support in between absolutely massive pumps. Keep in mind, that the chart above is on an 8-hour candle. These are large players ultimately coming in and accumulating.

Some Things To Note About DAPPT -

  • 1.5B of its 5B tokens are in circulation.
  • With a market cap shy of 1 million, and a fully diluted market cap of 3 million, this project can be risky.
  • This is only available on the KuCoin Exchange. (Personally I like this, if it were to be listed on another exchange that would be very positive on the price).

Closing Thoughts

These are only a couple of the coins that get listed as [ST]. And not all of them perform as the examples I have shown.

I chose these 2 projects as an example simply because they're on my list and I would watch them daily. This means that I am also invested in them.

I believe there's some great potential in when these coins are marked as [ST]. My strategy to find these coins is to look through low volume projects on KuCoin. I then add them to a list and begin researching them. If they yield at least some promise, I can know that if they're marked as [ST], a large investor can come in when the price is low, and potentially buy up all of the selling orders. This is ultimately where these large price spikes come from.

To minimize any risks, I rarely hold onto large quantities of these coins for long periods of time. I know where I'm looking to get in to an order, and I immediately set where I want to get out at. And always place alerts if the price moves out of your comfort zone.