Guide For Finding The Next Big Alt-Coin

Guide For Finding The Next Big Alt-Coin

When it comes to alt-coins exploding in value, there are two types. The speculative meme-coins and the promising projects with real use cases. Today we're mainly discussing the promising projects.

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Where do we look to find a project that has potential?

My personal favorite tool to find a coin that's available to purchase right away is Coinigy. The site gives you access to over 45 exchanges. Exposure is key to finding an alt-coin with high potential. Chances are coins listed on the bigger exchanges such as and Coinbase are there because they've already shown their potential. They've already seen their big gains. So I always start by accessing those smaller exchanges.

Here are the most important factors to look for in a project.

  • It's best if they don't have many exchange listings, yet. Or are only found on small exchanges. If they're still looking to get listed on other exchanges you can guarantee a price pump when that happens.
  • Check their website for any social sources. You want to see how many ways they have to connect and be known. How many people are following them on Twitter? How many are in their discord and are active? Telegram is a great way to see how active the community is.
  • Find their road map. This one is very important. Look on the website or follow their team on socials to find out what is being worked on.
  • How big is their market cap? As well as the diluted-market cap. If the market cap is small, then this means it doesn't take much money to push the price. If the diluted-market cap is high, this means they're potentially overvalued.
  • Find out the vesting schedule of any tokens locked up for the team, early investors, etc. You can expect selling pressure when they're released. This is a great indicator of when to buy. Especially if you pair this data with upcoming updates on their roadmap.
  • Lastly, look for the demand factors for the coin? Is it used in the protocol? Demand is a huge factor in price determination.

What about finding meme-coins with potential?

Their price is only determined by the news and publicity they're getting. Following their socials to see how they're connecting with other projects and their community is huge for them. Safemoon and Shiba are great examples of how to do it right. Use them as a template.

In the end, these are a lot riskier than finding promising crypto that offers actual use technology and implications.