How To Use Metamask

How To Use Metamask

Metamask is the leading crypto wallet. Through either the app or browser extension you'll have access to many known blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Binance and even's Cro Chain.

I'll try to leave official website links everywhere I can. Always be wary of scams, there's no shortage of fake websites. When trying to navigate towards a dapp or project, always use CoinmarketCap or CoinGecko. Locate your project and there will be official links to the project and its socials. Using the socials of your project is a good way to find more of that project's official links.

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Official Link To MetaMask Website

First we're going to download the MetaMask extension for either our mobile device or as a browser extension. If you're not already using the Brave browser I highly recommend that you get this first. After you've finished your downloads, you should continue to making your MetaMask wallet. You'll want to have ready a piece of paper and a secure hiding place. MetaMask will prompt you to create a password, as well as give you your seed phrase. Be sure to copy down your address, password, and seed phrase. The seed phrase is the main key to your Metamask wallet so you'll want to protect this at all cost. Personally, I keep several copies of my seed phrase.

If you're looking to secure your crypto in the best way possible then picking yourself up either a Trezor or a Ledger wallet is the way to go. Both are reputable and are known to be the best as well as safest methods of storage.

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Next, we can add a blockchain to the wallet. Avalanche is one of my favorite blockchains where I interact with Dapps daily. Since the official website already explains it so well, I'll go ahead and direct you there with the link below.

How do I set up MetaMask on Avalanche?

Let's start by funding your MetaMask. Your wallet address can be found under account 1. This is where you'll send your $AVAX using the C-Chain. If you don't have any AVAX I recommend using KuCoin. They allow you to get instant access to coins whenever you transfer your fiat into the exchange. Plus they have a low minimum withdrawal, 0.01 fee for $AVAX.

So you've got your blockchain, and you've connected to Avalanche. Let's use our first Dapp (Decentralized Application). TraderJoe $JOE is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that is local to the Avalanche blockchain. In the same way that PancakeSwap is local to Binance Smart Chain. Or Uniswap is to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Here we can swap and lend our tokens, add them to a pool, or purchase NFTs. I highly recommend navigating around for a minute to see what this exchange has to offer. Remember, all this is happening on the Avalanche blockchain, so we are only seeing ARC-20 tokens. If we try to move a token to an exchange or other wallet, it has to be done on Avalanche Cross-chain (C-chain). Remember, ALWAYS save some of your tokens for gas fees. Otherwise, you'll have to add funds to your wallet again.

Some of the Dapps I've been interacting with are NaaS (Nodes as a Service). They allow you to earn passive income for as long as the project stays alive. Using a Dex like TraderJoe can help me with reducing fees when I'm looking to get a token that I plan on using. Otherwise, we'd have to buy from a centralized exchange and transfer it over to the wallet, this can get costly at times.

Creating Your First Node - Expand To Learn How

The cheapest and best-performing NaaS is VaporFi.
They offer a 1% ROI on what you put into a node.
This protocol is perfect for you to try out because it favors people putting in the minimum amount, 1000 $VPND which is currently at 0.00222/ VPND, making the entry point at just over $2.
My challenge to you is to go to TraderJoe and do your first swap for $VPND. Then head over to VaporFi and interact with your first NaaS.

Congrats! You're now earning passive income! 

Some More NaaS That I'm Invested In:

If you're looking for a cheap way to get your assets to another blockchain, ElkDex Finance is the tool I use. You essentially are buying their token $ELK on one blockchain, and they send you the equivalent of the $ELK on your desired blockchain. A brilliant way to transfer value if you ask me. Remember to save some money for gas fees. If you don't have any assets on a chain you're transferring value to, use the trade $ELK for gas option before you transfer.

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