Top 3 Non-Crypto Ways To Make Passive Income

Top 3 Non-Crypto Ways To Make Passive Income

These methods require very little money to be put in. And are almost completely passive. With low risk and a high reward, why wouldn't you make money while you sleep?

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Want to start investing in Crypto and Stocks without having to trade, find stocks, or do any research. Acorns makes it completely passive, and affordable starting with literally your leftover change from purchases.

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  • Use my link for a $5 sign-up bonus.
  • Can choose your risk level/ investing aggressiveness.
  • Allow you extreme control over how much to invest of your change from purchases.
  • Can even set reoccurring investments.
  • Small amount of money for entry point.
  • A great investment strategy to setup for kids.
  • Great support team with help in retirement, banking and much more.
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Do you have a vehicle such as a truck, van, or a car? allows you to get paid for placing advertisements on your vehicle. - Expand To Learn More

  • Payments made through Paypal.
  • Requires a photo verification on the 1st of every month. Otherwise you don't get paid. I recommend setting 2 reoccurring alarms for the 1st.
  • Can make over a $100 in gift cards and cash with 5 minutes of your time every month. 
  • Gift cards are perfect if you like to go out to eat. Really saves the wallet if you have a girlfriend (:
  • Decals are easy to remove and install. 
  • You get to choose your advertising campaign.
  • This passive money method is best used if you purchase the highest earning decal plan.
  • Also purchase the free decal replacements - this is important because when your decal eventually fades or becomes damaged. They will not accept your verification photo. Best to order several backups considering they ship them for free.
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Stickr | Advertise On Your Car
Stickr is a vehicle adverting company that pays drivers to advertise for brands using the back window of their vehicle.

Stash is very similar to Acorns - Setting up both of these apps together makes your investing passive and easy.

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