Top 3 Crypto Exchanges Of 2022

Top 3 Crypto Exchanges Of 2022

A good exchange consists of good Liquidity, low trading fees, and exposure to solid alt-coins. My list was created based on those 3 criteria.

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1. KuCoin - Expand To Learn More Features ->

  • Low trading fees.
  • Low requirements and fees for withdrawals.
  • Methods to earn free crypto.
  • Lots of bonuses and incentive programs.
  • High liquidity, trading volume, and alt-coin exposure.
  • Really solid alt-coin exposure - even the best crypto to hold, Monero!
  • Tools for Defi, staking, mining, crypto, lotteries, and many other events.
  • Amazing fast response support that has helped me numerous times.
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2. FTX - Expand To Learn More Features ->

  • NFT exposure.
  • High trading volumes.
  • Good alt-coin support.
  • Offers a version for US residents.
  • Some of the lowest trading feeds. 
  • Many chart indicators.
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3. Pionex - Expand To Learn More Features ->

  • 18 free trading bots.
  • Low trading fees. 
  • Many tools for chart analysis.
  • Incentive programs.
  • Supports 346 tokens.
  • Supports ios and Android.
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